Broken Top Custom Home

After interviewing several custom home builders in Bend, we chose Cascade Property Development(CPD) to build our custom home in Broken Top. Tom Pryor provided unmatched day to day knowledgeable, customized service from the design process to the completion of our home. He effectively managed each group of subcontractors, ensuring not only quality of materials and workmanship, but timeliness as well. Our home was completed within budget and before due date. We have absolutely no reservations recommending CPD to other homeowners.

Ron Simpson and Pam Sullivan
Broken Top

Broken Top Traditional Interior

Broken Top Traditional InteriorCPD_Broken_Top_18CPD_Broken_Top_26CPD_Broken_Top_25CPD_Broken_Top_24CPD_Broken_Top_23CPD_Broken_Top_22CPD_Broken_Top_21CPD_Broken_Top_20CPD_Broken_Top_19CPD_Broken_Top_13CPD_Broken_Top_17CPD_Broken_Top_16CPD_Broken_Top_14CPD_Broken_Top_12CPD_Broken_Top_11CPD_Broken_Top_10CPD_Broken_Top_09CPD_Broken_Top_08
Winner 2004 Tour of Homes This interior won Best Interior Design in the $550,000 to $800,000 range.

Broken Top Traditional Kitchen

Broken Top Traditional KitchenCPD_Broken_Top_15CPD_Broken_Top_27CPD_Broken_Top_28CPD_Broken_Top_29
In this area Tom will provide something very insightful about the Kitchen! :-)

Broken Top Traditional Exterior

Broken Top Traditional ExteriorCPD_Broken_Top_01CPD_Broken_Top_02CPD_Broken_Top_03CPD_Broken_Top_04CPD_Broken_Top_05CPD_Broken_Top_06CPD_Broken_Top_07CPD_Broken_Top_11CPD_Broken_Top_12
Cedar siding, tile roof, natural rockwork, wood windows, tile floors, slab counters, iron raling, pine doors and millwork, an outstanding blend of stone, metal, and wood. Built for $155 per heated sq ft, construction completed in 8 months.