The Process of Building A New Home:

  • Initial Consultation

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In the process of building a new home, the initial consultation is where we get to know each other and get an understanding of what you are looking for. If you already have plans then we will most likely be able to include the next step into our initial consultation. If not we’ll decide what is the best approach to getting plans drawn up. During this meeting we can give you and rough estimate of the cost of your home based on your finishes and target square footage.

  • Home plans and specifications

During this period we will be getting plans draw up. An early decision is what type of approach to finding, or developing home plans are best for your situation. Besides a full custom home plan tailored to you and the specific site there are literally thousands of stock plans to choose from, including homes we have built in the past or plans we’ve previously drawn and copy-righted ourselves. We will also go over the specifics of what finishes and appointments you would like your home to have.

  • Project cost and type of contract

CPD_Disc_1 (161 of 239)Once we have house plans complete, along with any associated engineering, we can produce an accurate proposal to build your home. Depending on the owner we can provide either a cost-plus or fixed price contract. Either way our documents are very detailed and accurate. Besides the contract itself you will receive a detailed description of the materials that go into your home, a cost breakdown detailed by line item, our written warranty, a maintenance schedule, construction time frame, and several CCB documents that are not only required but also provide good information.

We believe each contract is a malleable document intended to fit each individual owner’s situation and needs, and is intended to clearly define the relationship and responsibilities of each party, and create a path for a successful project.

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  • Contract signing and start of construction

After contract signing we are able to submit for permits and start construction! A detailed production schedule and selection schedule is produced. In most cases permit submittal and ground breaking can be started immediately or in a matter of days.

  • Construction and move-in.

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The production schedule includes at least one, but usually more walk-throughs with you to ensure that everything is fitting you needs and coming together as envisioned. During construction invariably owners have changes they would like to see made, or we may find some ideas or suggestions that will enhance your home. This is a normal process in any custom home. We try our best to make all phases of building you home as pleasant and enjoyable to you as possible. This is the time you get to go shopping for any of the selections you have not already made! Sit back and enjoy the view as your new home is created.

  • Enjoy your new home

After your move in if you have any questions or concerns please call us. We have been around a long time and intend to be here a long time from now! Our service continues long after you have moved in.