OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAconsider moving to bend oregon

People from all over considering a move have the Bend Oregon area under consideration as their new home. The Central Oregon area is a relocation destination for people nationwide, as well a people from all over the world. Many of these people already live in desirable areas, so why are they moving to Central Oregon?

We have pleasant weather, with four seasons that allow for a myriad of different outdoor activities for all people including professional athletes. The location is close enough for quick access to the coast and major population centers, but geographically separated so that when driving over to the coast or the larger cities they feel more like a destination. And any negative aspects, like typical coastal weather or big city issues, are mitigated. And while we live in a high desert region we have reasonably abundant cold, clean, water from our snow-capped mountain peaks.

Good schools include an expanding college system. So whether you are a retiree that would like opportunities to take college classes that interest you, or a growing family looking for good schools, the area has what you are looking for. Emergency services such as police and firefighters are professional and well-funded. Visit the Bend Chambers web-site for more information http://bendchamber.org/ .

If considering a move that includes purchasing property and either building a new home or making improvements to an existing home please feel free to contact us. Consultations are at no cost and without pressure. We can assist in helping find the right location for you, or look at properties you are already considering to help you determine if what you desire can be accomplished and within your budget.