Energy Efficient Faucets

We usually associate energy efficient appliances with machines like washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Small appliances and fixtures can make a difference too. Take the new touch control faucets that save water and energy. Besides saving water and energy these fixtures also provide convenience and health benefits. By controlling the flow of water with a wave of the hand, or by touching with your hand or elbow, it’s easier to wash your hands or rinse dishes. With pre-set temperatures you are likely to need less time to adjust the water temperature compared to conventional faucets. These faucets also have popular features and finishes that conventional faucets have, such as a pull down sprayer. The faucets operate either by sensing movement or by sensing a small amount of electrical charge transferred through the touch of your skin. Besides considering selecting these faucets for new custom home construction, they can just as easily be used for remodels and additions. For additional reference the Environmental Protection Agency has a listing for plumbing fixtures, similar to those by Energy Star for appliances. Look for the WaterSense label for energy efficient fixtures similar to using the Energy Star label when shopping for appliances. The January 2015 publication Ruralite, distributed by Central Electric COOP, has a good article on these fixtures by James Dulley for further reading.