high tech energy savings can be anything from replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED lamps to fully automating your home. New homes in Oregon are required to have a majority of energy efficient lamps in light fixtures. This means CFL or LED lamps (light bulbs) are required usage. Of these two lamp options LED have become the better choice to invest in for reducing your energy consumption. While improvements have been made in CFL lamps reducing th delay time between turning them on and producing light, people are still adverse to using them. LED’s cost more but last longer, they last about 20 times longer than incandescent lamps and produce less heat using about one-fifth the energy of an incandescent lamp. Another simple way to save energy in your home is  replace a old thermostat with a new programmable thermostat. Doing so allows you to have multiple temperature settings during different times of the day, thereby allowing you to reduce the work-load of your heating ad cooling system while you are not at home.