home builder association as a resource to the general public

Most area’s have a home builders association that provides various services and advocacy for the local construction industry. The associations are an important resource for the entire community in locating goods and services in their communities. Besides finding a home builder  various sub-contractors, building material supply companies, mortgage and banking companies, and realtors involved in home building are usually well represented. Also some companies that people would not consider directly related to home construction are often members. From auto and spa dealers, to a variety of food and beverage establishments, to pest control services can also be members. Why would a business not directly related to the construction industry be a member of a building association?

One part of the answer is that business owners recognize that the members of the local building industry are important to their business and they want to ensure that their goods and services are prominently displayed to the association members.

Another reason is simply altruistic, they understand the advocacy the builders association performs to keep an important component of any community healthy, and to ensure home ownership remains possible to members of the community, and the connection builders have with their communities. One of the events our local association in, Bend Oregon, does is a “ramp-a-thon” where we form teams and build ramps for those that have an accessibility need, but do not have the direct ability to have a ramp built for them.

I always encourage the general public to use their local builders association member list as a resource when searching for the goods and services in their community. These companies are usually a step above others and operate to a higher standard as proven by their willingness to join the builders association, and often times volunteer time or donate funds or services to help better their community.