OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn order to instill trust and security to any future customers of Cascade Property Development, let me say that Tom Pryor was highly recommended to me by the architect that designed my home.  I was assured by him that Tom was “honest, ethical, conscientious, timely, organized, fun, patient, and professional”.  As I came into contact with various sub-contractors, and building suppliers during the project, these people would always agree that I was lucky to have Tom Pryor working for me.  I came to respect Tom for his willingness to cooperate in emotionally charged times.  He showed me that he could be a friend, as well as a contractor with integrity and patience.  He extended his personal time in order to help me when he didn’t have to, and to this day I will be forever grateful for that.  As I sit in my house every night, I enjoy knowing that I not only gained a well crafted house but that my money was well spent.   Thanks again Tom!!!


Holly M. O’Brien