Thank you for making my first building project a pleasant experience.  Your
promptness in responding to the  many questions of a novice is  appreciated
greatly.  I am also impressed that as busy as you quite clearly are,  that
you always found the time in your schedule  to take papers to the bank on my
behalf and to ask questions of the bank, city, etc which were more properly
my responsibility.  You made every effort to make this process as easy for
me as possible.  Furthermore, you completed the project ahead of schedule
and stayed below the projected price for the job.

I am looking forward to my next building project and  of course would like
to work with you again.  It will be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone I
know who is seeking a contractor.  Furthermore, I will write a letter to
both the Columbia River Bank and the Better Business Bureau and advise them
of my positive experience with you.

Best regards,
Peter Brownlee