OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we decided to finally start our long-anticipated new home project in Central Oregon, we knew there would be some big challenges in front of us. We had never undertaken a project of this magnitude before, we didn’t have a design in-hand, we weren’t sure of the financing details, we hadn’t picked out a builder, and we lived in another state. Added all up, it could be an overwhelming endeavor for us if not approached properly. The key for us was who was going to be responsible for getting the team together and making sure everybody and everything was kept on schedule and on budget. We wanted someone with the right combination of experience, skill, talent and personality, and most of all someone we could put our trust in. We had interviewed a number of architects, designers, and builders over the years, and although they all presented favorable aspects, none had clicked with us yet. Almost by accident, we came across Tom Pryor’s web site about the same time as he had a house on the Tour of Homes. After a couple of meetings and visits to his projects, some phone calls, and a bit of checking around, we were sure that had the right person to shepherd our new home project through to completion. We immediately felt that in Tom we had the person who met all of our criteria for this essential first step.
Although we didn’t have a detailed plan for the house at the start, we did have a sack-load of features, details, and concepts we wanted (or didn’t want), a budget figure in mind, and a growing sense of urgency to get the show on the road as the economy began its nose-dive. Tom took these disconnected requirements, and working with designer Robb Kerly crafted a design, a budget, and a build plan that found exactly the right path through the multitude of possibilities, a plan that would get us the home that would be exactly right for us.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Tom expertly guided us through the design process, where we had to reconcile our wish-list with our budget. His in-depth knowledge of the building process, the costs associated with differing materials, techniques, and trades, plus his always reliable explanations and calm availability to answer our multitude of questions was absolutely critical in reassuring us at this early stage, when we may otherwise have had reason to get cold feet before really committing. Tom was patient, friendly, and informative at exactly the time when we needed that most.
Then the fun began. We broke ground at the beginning of January, and we watched excitedly from our long distance perch as new photos hit the CPD web site every week. Once construction was underway, nothing seemed to slow it down. We saw the framing go up in the snow, and line item after line item was checked off the plan. The teamwork that was apparent as all the trades came on site and the house went up was fantastic to see, and we know that was the direct result of Tom’s expert management of all aspects of construction. On those occasions when we were able to get to Bend to inspect and meet, Tom was always available, and had whichever subcontractor or supplier we needed to meet likewise available. Every one of those subs and suppliers Tom brought to the project was top notch. The quality of the final product, the workmanship that is evident in every detail, is outstanding. Although we were able to meet only a few of the many people who built our home, we are grateful to all of them for their hard effort and the obvious sense of pride they put into their work.
We started the whole project with a fixed budget and a tight 6-1/2 month build schedule. Even after the inevitable trade offs and contingencies that popped up along the way, we were amazed that, 6-1/2 months later and on schedule to the day, Tom delivered to us a beautiful new home that even exceeded our already high expectations, and was brought in under budget to boot. That is some seriously good planning, management, and execution on Tom’s part. We would absolutely pick Tom Pryor again if we ever do this again. We highly recommend Cascade Custom Homes and Tom Pryor.

Michael and Lene Fornalski