Why hire a Custom Home Builder?

Some people decide to build their home themselves without the services of a builder. So, why hire a custom home builder?

In the end an owner built home typically takes more time to complete, and can cost as much, or even more, compared to hiring a builder.

Builders usually get better pricing from sub-contractors and suppliers. Suppliers and subs know the builder will be doing more than one home, and they price accordingly. They also know the process will be faster and more efficient compared to an owner driven project. Often the majority of the amount paid to a builder is saved just in the builders reduced costs.

Overseeing a construction project takes allot of time. An Owner typically has a job or other things to do besides overseeing a home’s construction. This can be considered as a dollar amount and an offset to the cost of hiring a builder.

The quality of the finished home is usually superior in a home professionally built by a builder.

Professional Builders have the experience to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes common in construction projects. This will save both time and money in a construction project.

Mortgage companies generally require the use of a builder.

I had a lady hire me to do some remodeling on her home. She acted as her own builder for some additional work after I was completed. She subsequently had a problem with a subcontractor she hired and asked me to come by and take a look at the situation. Upon arrival she told me that the subcontractor had reversed himself and told her he would fix the problem only after she informed him her builder was coming to look at the problem. Subcontractors and suppliers react very differently to builders compared to owners.