Winterizing Your Home

The recent cold blast is a good reminder to get your home ready for winter by winterizing your home. Besides having your sprinkler system blown-out you should close your foundation vents. An even better idea is putting insulation blocks in the vents and insulation cups over the exterior hose bibs.

Check your roofing, particularly along the edges. Winter storms that leave substantial snow fall amounts and follow with very cold temperatures for an extended period can lead to ice dams and subsequent water infiltration. Older homes that do not have ice & shield installed under asphalt roofing are particularly in danger of this. In extreme cases it may be necessary to pull snow off several feet back from the eves to prevent ice dams from growing big enough to damage your home. Old roofing that is nearing the end of its life is a concern for leakage. Gutters and downspouts should be kept clear so when snow and ice do melt it has the best chance of draining off and away from the home

If you are away from home for a period of time do not leave the thermostat setting too low while you are away. During a cold snap if the home is not heated enough pipes can freeze and the savings from setting the thermostat on a very low setting can be more than lost if having to pay to fix frozen pipes and water damage.

Just a few simple measures will ensure you can enjoy the winter weather in a comfortable home, instead of taking emergency measures out in the elements!